Episode 01 – Daniel King

Daniel King –
Photographer & writer

Make This : Do That Episode 001 – Daniel King

Daniel J. King, is an artist/educator making lens-based work with a tendency toward the idiosyncratic human relationship to place, geography, and representation. While his formal education is in photographic studio art, he gets easily bored with taking pictures.

He returns again to explore the visual and conceptual possibilities that exist in the process of experiencing place in all its complexity, recognizing the mediation that defines our relationship to place and the anxiety of the photographic image and related texts.

Show Notes

On the first episode of Make This : Do That, I spoke to Daniel King about how to go about beginning to think about integrating a digital audio file into an existing piece of print media. Below are some links to products and pages that were mentioned during the podcast. Additionally Daniel is working on a project called “New Old Image eXchange” details can be found here.

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