Episode 02 – Andrew Barger


Andrew is an artist/letterpress printer based in Beacon, NY. His work focuses on critical approaches to the contemporary art market, regionalism, alternative economies, and community engagement. While not working on his own work Andrew works as a pressman for Thornwillow Press and has run a side business doing fine art framing.


Carter Hopkins Furniture

Show Notes

  • Images of Andrew’s current space for reference.
  • A design for a simple sled for cutting miters on a table saw. This design can be adapted to a variety of saws and will allow the user to cut accurate, repeatable miters.
  • A design for an out-feed setup. This kind of design can be adapted to a variety of saws. It would also be adaptable to build an extension wing off the side of the table.
  • We discussed a number of options for dust collection and control in a small shop environment. Wood Magazine has an article that runs through a variety of options here. Below is a short list of options, it is by no means complete, but it might point you in the right direction.
  • Festool’s line of dust extraction offers a variety of solutions that are directly compatible with their ecosystem of tools and can be adapted to be used with the offerings of other manufacturers.
  • Makita, Fein, and Metabo all have their own line of dust collection similar to what Festool offers.
  • For dealing with the uninsulated, single-pane windows that Andrew has in his space we recommended a 3M Window Insulation kit

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