Episode 03 – Leah Hamel

Leah Hamel is a professional artist, art educator, and writer based in Birmingham, AL. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Art from University of Alabama in Birmingham in 2012 specializing in ceramics and sculpture with a minor in art history. She completed her Master of Fine Art in Sculpture in 2016 at Louisiana State University.

Post graduate school, Hamel worked with Manship Theatre as the Art Education Coordinator and Grants Coordinator. She then became Director of Arts Markets for Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge alongside teaching at both the University of Louisiana Lafayette and Southeastern Louisiana University. Most recently Hamel has taught as visiting instructor for Furniture Design and Atelier Drawing at Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic.

Growing up in Birmingham, Alabama played a large part in the style of work that she creates today. Living in an urban setting, while spending any free time in the woods her entire life has set the stage for the parallels she draws in her work between the man-made and natural world. The cyclical process is always apparent- in architecture, in nature, and also existing in who we are as humans both individually and through our relationships with others.

In this episode we spoke to Leah about the process of starting, and starting again in a new, old place.

Show Notes

Leah’s website: leahmariehamel.com

– Abroms-Engels Institute for Visual Arts 

Studio by the Tracks

Birmingham Museum of Art


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